Welcome to "The Children of August Anderson" web site. This site was created to share the family genealogy and stories of August Anderson, and the Anderson and Borgstrom families.

The research, writing and pictures were developed by Clifford Borgstrom, son of Hjalmar Borgstrom, son of August Anderson. And much of the help was provided by Sven-Erik Svartmark, son of Tilda, daughter of August Anderson. Many others in the family provided images and stories as well, and are noted by Clifford on the following pages.

My name is Eric Oyler, son of Linda Boyd (Borgstrom), daughter of Cole Borgstrom, son of Hjalmar Borgstrom, son of August Anderson. I have digitized Clifford's work by transposing the text and scanning in photos.

Clifford's work became important to me when I travelled to Sweden in 2007 and visited Borgvik, home of August Anderson. When I visited the local historic museum in Borgvik, a local familiar with the family looked through Clifford's book and recognized Sven-Erik Svartmark's name, and gave me his phone number. I had the honor of speaking with Sven-Erik by phone for a short while, and he asked his daughter, Christina Tollesby to come visit me on her way to the summer home just outside of Borgvik. Christina was kind enough to come visit with me for a short while and then drove us out to their summer home so that we could meet her husband Gert and her youngest daughter Caysa. Christina and Gert also have two more children, Kann and Anders. They were very kind, taking a couple hours out of their holiday to visit with me.

Reading Clifford's book has introduced me to the distant family that I have and opened my eyes to the many familiar family traits that show just how important it is to know your family. I can't thank Clifford enough for his hard work in developing this book so that the younger generations can find a greater understanding in who we are and where we come from. I find a great deal of comfort and peace in this book.

By digitizing the book (provided as a web page, Acrobat PDF and MS Word document), we can ensure that the family history survives time and memory. Also, by placing this on the web, we can more easily share this information with family, near and far.

If you have any additional details on the family, or if you would like to add information on the younger generations, please and I will be sure to update the web site.

I hope that you find this information as helpful and uplifting as I did.

Eric Oyler


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